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Valentine's Day

Chapel Hill Faith Partners (Recovery) Ministry,

We love holidays and special occasions, and Valentine’s Day is no different. We don’t just see it as a day of romance for couples and spouses, flowers and chocolates – although that’s all great! But we see it as a day of love for one another, love in all shapes and forms. Be that a love for your family, your friends, and of course, your neighbors and community.

Love is at the forefront of everything we do here at Chapel Hill Faith Partners (Recovery) Ministry. We have witnessed so much kindness from our church towards the families and individuals we serve through our church. It is always the greatest blessing to see how we can help and support those becoming Disciples of Christ through our Bible studies, on Wednesday evenings and in Sunday School class.

We hope that you enjoy this Valentine’s Day in whatever way you plan on celebrating it. Just know how much we love and appreciate you for your kindness and support in Faith Partners (Recovery) Ministry. Maybe you’d make Faith Partners (Recovery) Ministry your valentine and give a one-time gift or a monthly gift in honor of love? It would go a long way in serving the families and individuals we disciple by making them feel the love of your support. Just make your check out to Chapel Hill and put Faith Partners (Recovery) in the memo line.

We encourage you to take a moment to cherish the ones around you, to thank them for standing by you, and most importantly, to thank the ONE from whom all love flows, Jesus.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Melody McCreary – Faith Partners Ministry Coordinator


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