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OUT OF MY MIND: A Prayer for the World

A Prayer for the World

(In Light of Ongoing Events)

Lord, it seems like every day you become more distant

As we awaken to daily senseless tragedies

More hatred, anger, death, destruction, and bigotry being put on display.

We have forgotten you

And we have forgotten who we are.

Our memories have failed us.

We do not recall that who we are is determined by Whose we are.

We have forgotten that we are not the only ones in this world

you have entrusted to us;

that we were put here not for ourselves alone,

but to be in relationship with creation

and Creator.

But we have gone astray.

We have turned away,

Turned inward,

Turned our backs,

Turned a deaf ear

To the world around us.

We have ignored the signs,

We have not heard the cries of those in need.

We have thought more highly of ourselves than we have a right to think.

And the world is falling apart before our eyes

Not for any other reason than we have failed

To be a people of love, peace, and justice for all.

We have selfishly put ourselves first –

What is good for “me” –

Without considering what you have taught us:

To put others before self…

And so, our world is suffering,

Not because you don’t care.

You seem distant because of our choices.

Not because you have removed yourself from us,

But because it is hard to see in the dark.

It’s hard to see your love for all of us when darkness descends on us

Like a heavy velvet curtain.

And it’s hard to feel you close to us when the light is suddenly blown out

And deep darkness becomes our reality.

But maybe the best way to see your love for creation -

The best way to feel your closeness to us

In the midst of pain and darkness -

Is for each of us to show love for and be close to others.

Maybe the best way for us to lessen the distance between us and You

Is for us to simply love as Jesus loved…

To be peacemakers…

And to work for justice…

For all.

Help us.

Heal us.

Use us.


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