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OUT OF MY MIND: The Promise of Paradox

Jesus said, “The only way you will really FIND your life is to be willing to LOSE your life.”

That statement is one of the great paradoxes of meaningful life. What did Jesus mean by it? How can we find our life if we lose it? We’d be dead. It’s about dying…but not dying physically.

Think about it this way: How are most people (maybe even you and me) trying to discover their ultimate meaning for their lives? Some by achievement; others through education. Many seek meaningful life through experiences; others through relationships. Still others seek it through acts of pleasure. But the reality is, Jesus says it’s a paradox. Until we are willing to lose all this, let go of it as a source of ultimate meaning, we will never find ourselves. It’s about letting go of our priorities, of our desires, of our interests, in order to follow Jesus’ priorities.

Are we willing to lose our priorities for Jesus’ priorities? Yes, it is a paradox: the only way to really find meaning in life is to lose our lives for Jesus.


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