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OUT OF MY MIND: Be Like Mary

Picture the scene: An angel has just informed Mary that she, a virgin, would soon be pregnant and, as a matter of fact, will be carrying God’s own Son. Not the sort of news a woman hears every day, and certainly not the kind of news a woman in the first century would welcome. She knew she would soon face the wrath and scorn of her friends and family, and society in general. And what about Joseph, the man she was engaged to? What would he think? What would he do?

Think about what Mary could have done. She could have declined the offer. She could have run away. And, like many unmarried pregnant women of her day, Mary could have taken her own life. But how did Mary respond? She chose the different path. If ever you want to see a clear profession of faith, look at the next words that come from Mary’s mouth. Mary said, “I am willing to be a voluntary servant of the Lord. I am willing to be the servant of God. May what the word of God has said come to pass!”

What faith! To many, she truly is the greatest woman who ever lived…the “Mother of God.” Nothing any woman has done or will do is more important than what Mary did.

As you think about the significance of the Child Mary gave birth to, and ponder what he came to do, ask yourself, “Do I believe it?” If not, will you choose to believe it? Will you choose to follow the example of Mary and believe what God says about her Son? Let me assure you, we will never truly experience Christmas until we do.


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