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OUT OF MY MIND: Finding Christmas

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about some of the people in the Christmas story who missed Christmas: the innkeeper, the religious leaders, and King Herod. Each of them missed finding Jesus for various reasons: too busy, too greedy, too paranoid. This week, let me share with you this week a couple of examples of people who found Christmas.

First were the shepherds. They were social nobodies. They had no political clout, no societal influence, no monetary strength. Yet God sent the shepherds an incredible birth announcement through the angel. The shepherds believed in what God had spoken, searched in faith to find Jesus…and they did! They found Christmas.

Then there were the wise men. These guys were pagans from a foreign land. They were astrologers who studied the stars, looking for wisdom and insight. God spoke to them – UNBELIEVERS! – right where they were in life. And they stepped out in faith to follow a star that appeared in the sky, understanding that it meant the birth of a special King. They, too, found Christmas when they found Jesus.

The shepherds found Christmas because they believed the promises of God. The wise men found Christmas because, as seekers, they found Jesus.

Find Jesus as Lord and you’ll find Christmas. Take a risk and believe what has been spoken; go seeking and follow the signs that point to Jesus. And when you find Jesus, you find Christmas, guaranteed!


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