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OUT OF MY MIND: How's Your Shadow?

In the early days of the church, the scriptures tell us, Peter became one of the most influential and powerful people God used. In fact, people would bring the sick on pallets and cots in the streets where he might pass by, hoping his shadow would fall over them and, hopefully, they would be healed. Such was the aura of greatness around him.

Do you ever think about your shadow? You should, because our shadow goes with us wherever we go, never falling on us, but on someone else. We’re rarely aware of where it falls. We all influence someone – parents influence kids, coaches influence players, teachers influence students.

What kind of shadow do you cast? Is it for good, or is it for evil? To build up, or to tear down? To encourage, or to discourage? To help, or to hurt? Does it point others to God, or just to yourself?

As you think about the life you live, think about the legacy you want to leave behind. What kind of shadow do you cast?


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