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OUT OF MY MIND: Kindness

Do you know what is perhaps the most desirable, most appreciated character trait? Proverbs 19:22 tells us “What is desirable in a person is kindness.” Kind people do kind things.

Acts of kindness inspire us, whether it’s taking time to help an employee at the office, or a neighbor, or defending someone who is being bullied or spoken of in an unkind manner. The recipients of our acts of kindness are always grateful. Not only are they changed in some way, when we offer acts of kindness – no matter how small they may seem – we are changed.

The one person who comes to mind when I think of kindness is Jesus. He shows us that God is a kind God. And because God is so kind to us, we are able – in fact, we are expected – to be kind to one another. We are expected to be kind even to those who are unkind to us.

Especially in our busy, chaotic, divisive world where so many seem to be looking out for number one, acts of kindness are always appreciated.


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