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OUT OF MY MIND: Measuring Greatness

When you think of someone who is truly great, who comes to mind for you?

In the field of music, you might think of Bach or Mozart. Or, more recently, David Gray or U2. Maybe you think of one of our Presidents like Washington or Lincoln. Whoever you consider to be great, remember that talents, accomplishments, power, fame, or wealth usually determine greatness in the eyes of the world. But Jesus tells us that the true measure of greatness in the Kingdom of God is the kind of servant you are. He healed the sick, reached out to the hurting. He even washed his own disciples’ feet! In the end, Jesus greatest service was to give his life for all.

The late Al Burruss once said, “When you’re alive, your wealth is measured by the number who serve you. But when you die, your wealth is measured by the number you served.” Jesus is the greatest example of that truth. He served us all.

Do you want to be great? Jesus set the ultimate example by serving us to the point of ultimate personal sacrifice: his own life. Why don’t we seek to be great by being a servant to all?


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