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OUT OF MY MIND: No Dead Ends

I’m sure you have seen movies where the bad guys chase the hero down some abandoned street and into a dark alley. He jumps over empty barrels, through hanging laundry, over a stack of garbage, and then…comes to a brick wall. No way out! Panicked, our hero turns to face the bad guys and you see that his back is, literally, against the wall. And while you watch this scene unfold, you subconsciously recognize it as a metaphor for many fearful moments in your own life.

So often in the journey of faith, God leads us to what seems like a dead end, and we are overcome with a sense of doom. Out human tendency is to take our eyes of God, look at the problem before us and feel like there is no escape. We become filled with anxiety and fear. And when fear floods in, faith floods out. How can you handle times like these that seem so hopeless? When your back is against a wall, choose faith over fear. Stand firm in the faith and put your trust in God.

Realize that these frightening moments are only a temporary dead end. At those points where we can no longer help ourselves, must trust in God. Then God goes to work. We are called to choose faith over fear, and trust that in God’s plan, there are no dead ends.


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