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OUT OF MY MIND: Painful But Hopeful

Are you a gardener? Do you enjoy seeing things grow? If so, you understand the principle that a plant must be pruned in order to produce as its peak. Dead wood and unhealthy parts must be cut away, allowing the plant to expend energy that will prove most productive.

Pruning is a reality in the garden, but it’s also a very real part of being human. Because God loves us, sometimes God helps us prune our lives. This may come through the loss of a job or moving away from something that is comfortable for us. It may happen in many ways when we face adversity of some sort.

What is accomplished by pruning? For the plant, it’s a healthier and more vigorous growth with more fruit. For us, it’s the ability to rely more completely on God, our source of life, and the ability to live a more spiritually secure and disciplined life.

Pruning is painful; but it allows us to live a more fruitful life. With God, pruning always gives us hope!


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