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OUT OF MY MIND: What Is Your Wish?

As kids, you probably played that game that asks, “If you could make one wish, what would it be?”

When my cousins and I played that game, I would stay quiet while the others answered with, “I’d wish for a million dollars!” or “I’d wish for a huge house!” or “I’d wish for a race car!” Such wishes would go on and on.

Then, when everyone else has spoken, I’d give my answer: “I’d wish for unlimited wishes!” I felt so smart, so clever. But looking back, my answers revealed incredible selfishness.

Many years ago, God said to Israel’s young King Solomon, “Ask whatever you wish to Me to give you.” What an offer! Solomon chose “wisdom to lead and discernment between good and evil.” God was pleased, knowing Solomon could have asked for wealth or long life. So, God granted his wish and threw in wealth and long life as part of the deal!

Asking God for wisdom is a wise request. Often with wisdom comes great success and the respect of others. The world is drawn to people who are wise.

But remember, God is the best source of wisdom.

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