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OUT OF MY MIND: Victorious Living

I don’t have to tell you (but I’m going to) that we are constantly bombarded with bad news. Every day, every newscast, every newspaper. It’s depressing! The harsh reality of everyday living challenges those of us who believe that humanity is inherently good, and that the world is better than it appears.

The scriptures remind us of a basic truth. Human beings are not always good and kind, and society does not often seem to be progressing toward universal peace and harmony. Just the opposite is true! Our brokenness is a constant reality and if we don’t want to believe it, we can simply ignore the news and refuse to lock our doors.

But there IS good news. God has promised if anyone acknowledges a need for God that person holds the key to inner peace and security; a peace and security that cannot be taken from us. Because in Jesus, whether we live or die, we can’t lose. Jesus gives us the key to eternal life and living this earthly life victoriously…even in midst of all the chaos.


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