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OUT OF MY MIND: Will You Miss Christmas?

Every year, Christmas comes, and Christmas goes. It often comes quickly, before we are ready; and it often goes by without much notice. But there are always many who miss out on the real meaning of Christmas. It’s always been that way, and always will be that way. The first Christmas reminds us of those who missed out:

The Innkeeper. He was so busy – a full inn and so many customer needs. No time or place in his inn for Jesus at Christmas!

The religious leaders around Herod. When the wise men came inquiring about the birth of a kingly Messiah, the religious leaders told Herod that the Holy Scriptures said Bethlehem was the place. Yet, they were so focused on staying close to worldly power that they didn’t take God’s word seriously. They missed Jesus as Christmas.

Herod. He tried to eliminate Christmas before it even got off the ground, to eradicate Jesus from Christmas. People are still seeking to use political power to satisfy their own selfish desires today.

The question is: will you miss Christmas as well? If you find Jesus in all the rush and crush of the season, you won’t ever miss Christmas again.


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